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Upgrades have been made to these packaging to make them more appealing such as using holographs. Eventually, these platforms do catch on and will either delete the content or even their page. I was surprised at how many people requested to follow me on Instagram. Because modern technology has advanced, thick oils have been made easier to consume cartridges. If you are an Ohioan suffering from one of, Also, be sure to follow us on social media for regular updates and breaking news announcements on. Tons of fake Roves…. People have been smoking pesticide in weed for 50 years with no ill effects and carts for over 5 years … again with no ill effects. Can you do an article about tko extracts carts, this has helped so much! Terpenes and concentrates have been around for over 5 decades, but as technology advances so does the quality. See our vape pen pesticides and solvents test page for Brass Knuckles testing information, current and past. Tracking down who’s responsible for the bad THC oil is one of the most significant problems. These ones are very difficult to fake because the packaging is no where to be found for sale. One of the main things that Stiiizy prides themselves for is the quality of oil that they deliver. The popularity of vape cartridges makes it easier for vendors to sell fake carts to people living in illegal states. I will be on the lookout for more of your work. Anybody come across fake Cobra Extract carts? licensed sellers with the blue badge on products as verification of authenticity. Due to so many fakes out, they re-styled their package, making it more difficult for the black market to fake. This could be because of lab test not testing their THC oil. One of the most trusted cartridge producers in the country is Jupiter Labs (distributor of CCELL cartridges), the leader in cartridge manufacturing. People are becoming bold enough to sell these prefilled hash oil cartridges with pesticides on the apps offer up and letgo. That’s a pretty effect, but polyethylene glycol has problems. If the liquid moves very quickly, it is probably a fake. Each brand uses their choice of oil, and unless its lab tested there’s no telling the quality of the product. Stiiizy takes pride in how thick their distillate oil is and encourages people to take the bubble test. At first, this switch was the best until Stiiizy’s potency started to feel weak too. Heavy Hitters vape cartridge brand is striking back with a tool that anyone can use on their website. This means there is no telling what exactly you are vaping anymore if you aren’t purchasing from legitimate dispensaries. First off, cartridges have been around for about a decade in the vape industry, but only for vape juice. When that information is lacking, you can be sure it is a fake cartridge. High-quality distillate is a rather thick consistency, meaning if there is no cut present in a pen it will barely move, if at all. Without it being a month, manufacturers have already found out how to create identical packages and sell them in bundles. Need representatives that will get with the 21st century already!! The best way to stay away is to go to legitimate dispensaries. So how did I get Brass Knuckles vape cartridges that were contaminated with pesticides from a delivery driver from Weedmaps? Brass Knuckles vape advises looking for misspellings to identify fakes of theirs. https://forum.dabconnection.com/forum/cartridges/663-royalty-extracts-anyone-heard-of-them, Should have some updates on it in a few days from Pete our writer. Let us know if you think you ever purchased any counterfeit vape cartridges in the comments below. It’s really hard to get a good hit too. The fakes always claim a high percentage of THC. Vendors distribute oils in packages that the counterfeit market provides, leaving consumers clueless. I’ve always been paranoid of getting sold fake carts. I recommend visiting their website for the full how to spot a fake brass knuckles cartridge guide. Along with that, they even contain over a dozen of pesticides, since last tested on December. You can find these carts in the Bay Area, and they are undercutting the competition with lower prices per gram. One of the easiest ways to identify fake Brass Knuckles is real Brass Knuckles have a hologram on the side. Ruining the reputation and reliability of the company and unsure if any if the oil is safe what so ever. The cannabis oil cartridge market is exploding as more people are switching from smoking weed to vaping hash oil. Multiple lab test results have surfaced revealing these black market cartridges contain various pesticides. Most boxes have a sticker on them with thc/cbd results manufacturer date and batch# along with manufacturer address and phone number and all were purchased from a licenced and reputable dispensary. If you would like to get more information about this brand you should check out the article we wrote about fake Brass Knuckles cartridges. Usually, you will never know what you’re vaping if the packaging is either not official or even existent. This can make the pen clog quite easily and not draw very well, so most, if not all, cartridges will be cut slightly to make the consistency more accessible to be vaporized by the ceramic coil. First, it can be contaminated with ethylene oxide, which is classified as a carcinogen. Update 12/17/2019: Muha Meds is currently pursuing licensing this page will be further updated by 12/18/2019 with more information. Still, you can buy these King pen cartridges in many States where cannabis is not legal yet. I live in California, where cannabis is legal for recreational and medical use. Until the u.s. government legalizes it completely, we have no choice but to keep our eyes open for these fakes. The vape cartridge (tank) is than filled up with the new mixed together juice. Dank Vapes just barely changed their vape cartridge packaging and already had it replicated and sold online. The same is happening with all the other popular vape cartridge brands. The worst part about the pesticide problem is that there is no way to tell from the naked eye or taste if the hash oil is contaminated. There is no legitimate company there. Have you ever heard of the bubble test? One reason why clean distillate oil cost $60 a gram is that it’s lab tested. This allows people to vaporize concentrate easily. Simple turn the Stiiizy pod that is suspected to be fake upside down and see how fast the bubble travels. If you want to find out more about the Dank Vapes brand, check out our review and our article about the fake Dank Vapes. They have created a page on their website with a more in-depth guide on how to spot fake brass knuckles cartridges. You can read it here. Before ceramic CCELLcoils were used and discovered, tinctures were prepared in a unique way. Refunds not applicable to PTSD evaluations. Honey Vape Cartridge Review: A Decent Cartridge, but the Oil Crystallized, Stiiizy Sliver Line Review – Better Than Stiiizy Distillate Pods, GTI Rythm Pez Vape Pen Review – Complete Vape Pen Setup, Deep Roots Harvest Cart Review – Strong Distillate, But Expensive, Dimension 8 Review – Most Tasteful Delta 8 Cartridge Yet To Try, West Coast Cure Fresh Press Review – Expensive, But Worth The Price.

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