sentences with ser and estar

We have learnt that SER is used for permanent situations and ESTAR for transitory situations, that is generally the rule. Los cinturones de seguridad están en el carro. An introduction to ser and estar with Spanish adjectives. ESTAR In the first case, you could talk about doors, shops, or windows being open with estar and abierto.

With contrario, we can use the preposition a to say ‘contrary to…’. I have found all of your articles over the past few months to be both useful and informative. When you take a simple sentence in English such as: You then need to decide if this sentence would use ser or estar in Spanish since both Spanish verbs could be a possible translation of ‘is’. In this case when you use verb SER and the adjective COLD the sentence takes a figurative connotation meaning that she has a cold personality, without feelings. Español: Es difícil conocer gente allí, es muy cerrada. Carlos y Gabriela son esposos.

English: This boy is really evil. Renata is a very athletic person. In this lesson, we will learn to conjugate this verb and how to make sentences using ESTAR. La manzana es verde. Here we’re talking about where the seatbelt is. Shows the mood that the mom is right now.

The adjective is used to point out a specific feature about something that makes it unique or stand out from the rest. Position refers to the physical position or posture a person or thing is in. Colombia is progressing. Español: Este chico es muy malo.

English: The report will be ready in 20 minutes. We are giving a characteristic to the soup from that restaurant specifically.

What is your secret? Español: Mis brazos están abiertos si necesitas un abrazo.

Tenemos que irnos pronto. You can use abierto and estar with things, or abierto and ser with people and things. Learn more tips and practice new topics with our qualified native Spanish-speaking teachers; join us at Homeschool Spanish Academy and have fun while you increase your Spanish fluency! Español: No lo sé, pero sus ojos están cerrados. Español: Pensaba que esta situación no era posible, ahora sí. I am a new learner and have learned so much! If you want to say someone is rich and has a lot of money, then you need to use rico with ser. ESTAR María is in a good mood. You will have the chance to test yourself at the end of the lesson with an interactive quiz. Español: Ella es capaz de todo lo que quiere hacer. SER Español: No está muy bien escondido. ESTAR Maybe she’s not usually this pretty :(. Here we’re referring to an action in progress. Es el 29 de … Español: Estoy preocupado por lo que tengo que hacer esta semana. SER I am giving the subject a non-permanent characteristic. We are from NYC. Paula is beautiful today. Learn more here. Example: Mi chaqueta es roja (My coat is red). What time is it? It’s something that can’t change easily. If you are worried ‘about’ something, then you’ll need to use the preposition por with preocupado. Carlos and Gabriela are spouses. Mi abuelo es joven, apenas tiene 45 años. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. In this case, you can say that someone is unwell or sick. Español: Esta paella está buenísima. The seatbelts are in the car.

SER The soup is cold. Español: Este pescado está malo, creo que no es de hoy. Example: El reloj es mío (The watch is mine). English: This author is well-known in our country. Origin: the place a person or thing is from, or the material something is made of. 2. Español: ¿Cómo es que estás tan morena en invierno? I am in space.

detailed blog post about the differences between, Help in Spanish: How to Memorize Conjugations, Slow or Fast in Spanish: How to Talk About Speed, 50 Irregular Preterite Spanish Verbs You Want to Use Often, The Ultimate Guide to ‘Even Though’ in Spanish, How to Say ‘Sometimes’ in Spanish and Use Adverbs of Frequency.

Español: Sí, este problema es común. Español: Este punto de vista es contrario a la creencia popular. Español: El restaurante es bueno. Mi abuela está sentada. Paula is beautiful. We can use the Spanish adjective listo with both ser and estar but we can generally only use listo and ser with people. I haven’t seen him today. Español: Este asunto no es tan importante. Este equipo es muy bueno.

If something or someone is hidden, then you can use escondido with estar.

Thanks for the feedback Paul. I am giving the subject a permanent characteristic. Essential qualities (what makes this thing, this thing? I am in a place (country) at the current moment.

The apple is only temporarily green in this case, because it’s not ripe. Español: La manzana es verde. (Her personality)

In addition, you can use the preposition por to say something or someone ‘is known for…’. I am watching the soccer game at the stadium. No lo he visto hoy. Español: Ella es la estudiante más lista de la clase. For example, if you use bueno with ser on a person, then this means that someone is a moral, upstanding or virtuous person. English: You have to learn to be satisfied with what you have (one must learn…with what one has).

Moreover, you can’t say ‘alguien es verde‘, you need to use the expression as it provided here. This team is very good.

English: We really like this band.

2 “thumps up” or 5/5 stars from me! English: It is forbidden to speak to the driver. Alternatively, you could simply make an educated guess. In this case, we’re talking about where the astronaut is at that time.

Español: Está prohibido hablar con el conductor.

Ella está muy hermosa esta noche. English: Where is David?

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