realistic pumpkin painting

Enjoy and thanks for letting me know that it worked out for you. Squirrels. Thank you! Happy Wednesday! The Party Time Linky is the perfect place to find Fall party ideas, delicious party recipes and festive party games you could use for your next party, playdate or neighborhood get together. To read my full disclosure policy, […], As desperate as we were for a house back in November, when the one we bought came on the market, my husband didn’t even want to go look at it. Sure! The urn looks so pretty. (Walmart currently has inexpensive faux pumpkins in store.). I love this idea and you did a wonderful job. I also have a really cool haunted house one I did that took so long I was not going to do it on a real pumpkin. NOTE on Spray Paint: You might be able to spray paint your pumpkins if the coating on the foam is durable; however, foam dissolves in oil-based paint so you could have a mess on your hands! I’ll bet the squirrels were surprised ! But with just a little bit of paint, it’s easy to make fake pumpkins look real! As I love to Cook and Bake, sharing a favorite recipe happens here too. You really do have your painting techniques down pat! That would be bad! Thanks! Thanks for sharing! Thank you. Your pumpkin looks amazing and so pretty how you have it styled. This is great way to add a realistic touch to a fake stem. . They look real up close too, Great inspiration and how amazing t transform those faux pumpkins into beautiful real looking ones. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too! […] 4. You can find Waverly paint and wax at Walmart. Your pumpkins are beautiful and I love the way you styled them – so lovely and French feeling! This year I’m using fake pumpkins in my fall planters. Are the wood shims the same kind you can buy at Lowes in a huge plastic wrapped block or are they more like skewers for food? I look for ward to seeing more creative crafts from you. So before we begin, let’s have a quick look at what a craft store pumpkin looks like. So I figured I could paint the orange monster pumpkins! Thanks for the invite. Love the green lines down the seams for a realistic look. Use chalk paint on them! Will you be outsmarting the squirrels this year? Sharing Friday at the P3Party share! Oh wow! Required fields are marked *. For this pumpkin, I wanted the crevices to appear highlighted with a rustic, mottled look. Before painting a pumpkin, make sure to remove any dirt and grime with a damp paper towel and dry it thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth. Get your carving tools out, because we have 21 ways—from spooky to elegant to jolly—to make your house Halloween ready. Painting the Pumpkin. Colorful pumpkins look the most realistic when you use more than one paint color. Thank you for sharing this with use. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to get fake pumpkins looking more realistic. Remember, pumpkins are not solid orange. I purchased a bag of small pumpkins at Walmart for under $3. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to get fake pumpkins looking more realistic. Thank you so much for your note. They stay in place and don’t blow away – even when it’s really windy! Thanks for sharing such a detailed tutorial. Let’s Begin Painting. They look great with all the succulents. Here is the link for my mirror: http://rstyle.me/n/b44ymvn7aw. Can you just imagine all the possible colors? Thank you so much for responding and sharing! Please. I wish you could post a picture here! Great tip on the dowels, too! I am so happy they aren’t destroying my pumpkins this year! It turned out AMAZING! Thanks for visiting my blog. BTW, I used dowel rods to “plant” the pumpkins in the bale of straw. These are so pretty! . Oh wow! First, use a thin paintbrush to paint brown acrylic paint in some of the pumpkin’s grooves. Here is a link to the plates I have from Birch Lane: http://rstyle.me/n/by5czin7aw. I love your white plates. The kids would have loved the chalk paint. Okay, I may be a little excited here. For this pumpkin, I wanted the crevices of the pumpkin to appear highlighted so chose the lighter color to paint on first. Love how you shared the paint tutorial. Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin - DIY's & Crafts - Blessings by Me. I recently found my biological mother and father finding that my father’s last name is Coldwelland that they go all the way back to Caldwell, England.. Subscribe to our newsletter to get "15 DIY Projects: Farmhouse Edition". We have an abundance of acorns that fall from our trees. Then I stuck the shim and pumpkin into the dirt. Hi Cindy, your pumpkins look fabulous. It works to keep them in place too. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Meanwhile, one of the mums I planted flew straight out of the pot I put it in! To create a layered look, you will dab on your second paint color. I’ll have to go back and add the paint….thanks for the idea!! Also for the stem, I dry brushed it with Jolie Farmhouse Beige since I didn’t have a real stem. Finally, dot some green and cream acrylic paint around the top and bottom sides of the pumpkin. I love the pumpkins at the dollar store, why because they only cost a dollar! Kim. Thanks for stopping by! Paint the pumpkin, two coats if needed. Choose a few paint colors in similar shades that are within the same color family, and use one of the shades as the base coat. Yay!! However, it would not last in my neighbourhood. Thank you for your assistance! It is no longer being used as our virtual learning classroom (thank goodness! I'd Love To Have You Be Part of Cloches and Lavender. ), and wanted to know all about the product. If you liked this post, please be sure to pin it for later and check out my related posts below. I cut a small slit in the bottom of each pumpkin and stuck a wood shim into the slit. Whatever autumnal occasion you've got on the docket, be ready with decorated DIY glitter pumpkin flair. It’s sure to be a hit this season! Gorgeous pumpkins! Creating beauty out of chaos and sharing my home decor stories. It’s simple and makes a big difference. Happy October, today I’m sharing painting elegant pumpkins tutorials with you. Continue doing this for approximately 1/4 of your pumpkin and then stop to blend the shades. I used Waverly paint in Celery (found at Walmart) as my base coat.

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