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What comes to mind for you when you think about the concept of justice? His incomparable, fierce literary style and tenacious will to question all orthodox beliefs and institutions have captivated and perplexed readers for over a century. ⚔️, Have a comment? There exists no more poisonous poison: for it seems to be preached by justice itself, while it is the end of justice. he was often deliberately ambiguous. Within the category of the higher human beings, there are two main types. “Main thought! This unifying project is not undertaken for short-term gratification, but as a result of the higher man’s vast historical perspective, is a form of work performed under the eye of centuries – a goal whose effects will remain long after the physical death of the higher man. In either case, the hope is that this collection will inspire readers to seek out the books from which these quotes were taken, in order to gain a fuller understanding of Nietzsche’s profound view of the world. The following is a transcript of this video. Friedrich Nietzsche > Quotes > Quotable Quote “The craving for equality can express itself either as a desire to pull everyone down to our own level (by belittling them, excluding them, tripping them up) or as a desire to raise ourselves up along with everyone else (by acknowledging them, helping them, and rejoicing in their success).” “Human, All-Too-Human: Parts One and Two”, p.444, Courier Corporation, There is a mistake in the text of this quote. This is what he means about serving the ascending or the descending line of life. Nationalism in Nietzsche’s time is no different than nationalism today. This would be love of other supposed individuals! (Thus Spoke Zarathustra). But for Nietzsche, these ideas were not meant for the many: “Our highest insights must – and should – sound like follies and sometimes like crimes when they are heard without permission by those who are not predisposed and predestined for them”(Beyond Good and Evil). Reply Let us start with this passage. character traits which separate them from the herd. Most people do not question why things are considered morally good or evil, rather uncritically, and largely unconsciously, they adopt the “value judgments of good and evil” dominant within their society. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the, Friedrich Nietzsche (2012). And it is the same with mathematics, which would certainly never have arisen if it had been understood from the beginning that there is no such thing in nature as a perfectly straight line, a true circle, and absolute measure. Instead, driven by ressentiment and envy, he seeks to gain social and political power for the purpose of provoking destruction as compensation for his own personal impotencies and failures. For one, those familiar with Nietzsche will probably find something illuminating in this collection that they would be unlikely to come across elsewhere online. Most all of these quotes were found in my copy of The Portable Nietzsche (the Walter Kaufmann translation), which I cannot recommend enough. This unifying project is not undertaken for short-term gratification, but as a result of the higher man’s vast historical perspective, is a form of work performed under the eye of centuries – a goal whose effects will remain long after the physical death of the higher man. Discover Friedrich Nietzsche quotes about equality. Given that herd morality is alive and well in the modern day, we can, with Nietzsche, pose a question he believed highly pertinent in his times, and which remains so in ours: “Today – is greatness possible?”(Beyond Good and Evil). As Nietzsche says, discard the fallacies of the ego – these fallacies are a web of perceptual illusions fed to us through consensus reality, cultural identity, political identity and religious and spiritual beliefs. ... kai o Lógos égine sárka kai katoíki̱se anámesá mas. Every single interpretation of each quote is literally the most superficial reading of the material possible. As Zarathustra advised: “My brother, if you have a virtue and she is your virtue, then you have her in common with nobody.” Even naming one’s virtue would make her too common; if one must speak of her, it should be: “This is my good; this I love; it pleases me wholly; thus alone do I will the good. The ‘over man’ describes the goal that is achieved when man is over. It is upon the Trunk that a gentleman works. Get beyond ‘myself’ and ‘yourself’! The final four quotes in this collection are miscellaneous, not connected by any apparent theme, except perhaps the theme of how to live in such a way so as to affirm life. All of these fallacies are the walls the ego erects to keep itself in power over our consciousness. Every individual may be scrutinized to see whether he represents the ascending or the descending line of life. —Analects of Confucius, I.2 Comments: What does he mean? Along with creative geniuses, there are the more numerous higher humans who do not scale the heights of genius, and thus hidden from the public eye, their lives are “without songs and singers” (The Dawn). I do not will it the law of a god; I do not will it as human statute and need”. We use cookies and other similar technologies to improve your browsing experience and the functionality of our site. Without fully comprehending the principles elucidated in Zarathustra, the subsequent polemics are misunderstood. At least, in theory, it is supposed to have been expanded — reality indicates that the theory doesn't always hold true. The ego hides behind intellectualism and it justifies all of its beliefs predicated on assent to authority. This is a fitting place to begin, as it gives us a sense of the life-affirming essence of Nietzsche’s worldview: his supreme distaste for things which he saw as denying life, or diminishing one’s ability to affirm life. I am not really interested in the last two, but the others merit some clarification if anyone is interested in pursuing greater understanding about what Nietzsche meant and not just looking for argumentative conjecture and speculation about what they think he was getting at. Nietzsche was gravely concerned with ensuring the world would remain fertile for the growth of true human excellence. Perhaps in order to help the theories of justice become reality, we need a more robust conception of justice that helps us move explicitly beyond ideas of exchange. project, and are consumed by the drive to actualize their lofty goal. As Nietzsche wrote: “The concept of greatness entails being noble, wanting to be by oneself, being able to be different, standing alone and having to live independently.” (Beyond Good and Evil). tl/dr: total fall. “There is a solitude within him that is inaccessible to praise or blame, his own justice that is beyond appeal” (, Aware of the momentous task which lies before him, and the potential for greatness which lies within him, the higher man feels a sense of reverence towards himself; and even in the presence of great suffering, affirms life as a “proud and well-turned out human being who says Yes, who is sure of the future, who guarantees the future.” (, “There is among men as in every other animal species an excess of failures, of the sick, degenerating, infirm, who suffer necessarily; the successful cases are, among men, too, always the exception” (, “The morality that would un-self man is the morality of decline par excellence—the fact, “I am declining,” transposed into the imperative, “all of you ought to decline”…This only morality that has been taught so far, that of un-selfing, reveals a will to the end; fundamentally, it negates life.” (, ‘Finally—this is what is most terrible of all—the concept of the good man signifies that one sides with all that is weak, sick, failure, suffering of itself…the principle of selection is crossed—an ideal is fabricated from the contradiction against the proud and well-turned-out human being who says Yes, who is sure of the future, who guarantees the future—and he is now called evil.— And all this was believed, as morality!” (, Herd morality is the “danger of dangers” because of its ability to seduce those anxious and fearful in the face of the uncertainty and isolation associated with striving for greatness.

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