lithospheric plates map

Ancient platforms on the world map. Convergent (colliding) boundaries are shown as a black line with teeth, divergent (spreading) boundaries as solid red lines, and transform (sliding alongside) boundaries as solid black lines. This map was prepared by the National Park Service. The term refers to the portions into which the crust is broken.

Some plate boundaries are poorly defined by topographic expression or lithospheric discontinuities. Earth's crust is fractured into 13 major and approximately 20 total lithospheric plates.

The Juan de Fuca plate, for example, is very small (ranked 22nd in size) and could be considered a microplate.

Another is the boundary between the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate. Names of elements of orography, islands, peninsulas by position on the ancient East European platform. New lithosphere is created by volcanic activity along the crest of the ridge, and the plates on either side of the ridge are moving away from one another. Locations where plates are spreading (divergent boundaries) are shown in yellow. Image by the United States Geological Survey.

If you are teaching about earthquake preparedness, tsunami ready, and the earth plates motion, this free printable can be of great help to make teaching easier. The boundary between the North America Plate and the Eurasian Plate is an example of a divergent boundary at a mid-ocean ridge. Therefore, each version of the certification work consists of 31 Identify the name of the extreme point of Ukraine, indicated on the map.

Despite their small size, these microplates can still pack a big tectonic punch. Most Label the boundaries of federal districts and sign their centers. The Earth is made of three primary layers which include the core, the mantle, and the crust. The exact mechanisms behind their existence are not fully understood, but geologists recognize that over 100 hotspots have been active in the past 10 million years. The edges of Earth's lithospheric plates have boundaries which are both well defined and poorly defined. Lithospheric plates are regions of Earth's crust and upper mantle that are fractured into plates that move across a deeper plasticine mantle. Dateiformat: Microsoft Word Dateiformat: Microsoft Word The border between them is clearly visible by the prevailing coloring of the map and two ancient platforms - East European and Siberian. He works as a research guide for the U.S. Geological Survey. Illustration prepared by the United States Geological Survey. Click for larger map.

Click for larger map. The 2006 U.S. Geological Survey map of tectonic plates show 21 of the major plates, as well as their movements and boundaries. The lithosphere consists of the crust and small portion of the upper mantle. Designate ancient platforms and areas of modern. Illustration prepared by Paul D. Lowman Jr., NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. 4) Identify the ancient and young platforms in different colors, show places. Write something about yourself.

These transform zones are sometimes called conservative boundaries, because they neither create land, as do divergent boundaries nor destroy the land, as do convergent boundaries. Continental divergent plates exist in East Africa and Iceland, but most of the divergent boundaries are between oceanic plates.

Print this Tectonic Plates Map free using your laser or inkjet printer, share it Sign on the map the names of the largest lithospheric plates, indicate the direction of their movement by the arrows. The students are known.

According the theory of plate tectonics, Earth's outer shell is made up of a series of plates. Lithospheric plates are another name for tectonic plates, which are part of the Earth's uppermost layer, the crust. Sign on the map the two largest seismic belts of the Earth: the Pacific and the Alpine-Himalayan. What forms of relief are formed in these parts of the globe? Convergent (colliding) boundaries are shown as a black line with teeth, divergent (spreading) boundaries as solid red lines, and transform (sliding alongside) boundaries as solid black lines. Map by the United States Geological Survey. These boundaries are usually well enough defined that they can be plotted on a map at a reasonably accurate location. The map at the top of this page shows the geographic location and extent of 15 major lithospheric plates. Mark the most important for the life of your family landmarks, Those sites of ancient platforms, where the crystalline foundation comes out. An example of this activity is the ongoing collision of the continental Indian plate and the continental Eurasian plate. Its role in the discovery of seafloor spreading, however, leads to its inclusion on almost every tectonic map. Most volcanic activity on Earth occurs at divergent or convergent boundaries, with hotspots being the exception.

The lithosphere consists of the crust and small portion of the upper mantle. Ancient platforms on the world map. Click for larger map. Map showing the geographic location of major mid-ocean ridges. Seven of the world's major tectonic plates make up around 84 percent of the Earth's total surface.

Some plates are made of all oceanic lithosphere.

Highlight the collision zone of lithospheric plates. Lithospheric Plates. Which continents are located within the same lithospheric plate? The 2006 U.S. Geological Survey map of tectonic plates show 21 of the major plates, as well as their movements and boundaries. Indicate on the map the area where the speed of movement of lithospheric plates is greatest. These plates move and interact with one another to produce earthquakes, volcanoes, mountain ranges, ocean trenches and other geologic processes and features. Scientific consensus holds that hotspots form as the crust moves over a long-lasting, anomalously hot area of the mantle. Locations where plates collide (convergent boundaries) are shown in red. The core is the center of.

Jan 29 from in the category. The lithosphere is divided into a number of tectonic plates. The lithosphere within their limits reaches a power of 150-200 km, and according to some data - up to 400 km. The U.S. Geological Survey map also lists the Earth's major hotspots. Let's open the climatic map of Russia. These types of boundaries must be plotted on a map showing their approximate locations.

7) Sign the names of the islands belonging to Russia. Circle the boundaries and sign the names of the main lithospheric plates. Since mapping, and began all the geography, because before. Mapping World Plates helps students connect. Lithospheric plates are another name for tectonic plates, which are part of the Earth's uppermost layer, the crust. The landmasses began colliding around 50 million years ago, thickening the crust to great extents. These plates move and interact with one another, driven by convectional forces within the Earth. If you look at the map pictured below, you will see that the lithosphere is divided into plates (Figure below). This process forms rift valleys on land and mid-ocean ridges along the seafloor. Diffuse boundaries, which are broad zones of deformation, are highlighted in pink.

It cools and latches onto the spreading plates, creating new earth. Ancient platforms, M., 1964; Precambrian geochronology of the Siberian platform. Lithosphere is destroyed near ocean trenches, where lithospheric plates descend into the mantle and are assimilated into the mantle. The teeth along the convergent boundaries mark the upper side, which is overriding the other side. A few are all continental lithosphere. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. A map of the tectonic plates of the earth showing the different boundary types in different colors.

One of the most dramatic effects of divergent boundaries on land can be seen in the Danakil Depression, in the Afar Triangle region of East Africa. Why do you think there are no earthquakes in Australia? And, locations where plates are sliding past one another are shown in orange. Dateiformat: PDF / Adobe Acrobat Europe is washed by the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans and their seas.

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