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Can I Be My Own Music Publisher? There are loads of UK independent record labels that are specific to certain genres or work with certain acts such as tributes or lookalikes. + How Much Does it Cost? Jon Sundberg and Julia Blomgren from Stockholm have been writing songs and performing together for several years, … Music of worth, fight for rights & love for your family.Shop the latest collection of conscious rap albums & socially conscious music products at Wontstop Record. (Jonno Mack). You’re not going to be considered by labels if you haven’t built up a big enough fan base, figured out your … Contact. (Rachael Williams), Over 12 years of experiments in music and sound-based art, Bill Kouligas’ fearless PAN imprint remains just as impossible to pin down. Creation went out of business shortly after the release of Primal Scream's XTRMNTR in January 2000. In the UK, there are two trade bodies that represent the rights and interests of UK record companies: The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and the Association of Independent Music (AIM). We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Owned by Richard Russell, XL was a spin off from the independent label Beggars Banquet, with a focus on dance tracks. How Long Does it Take a Singer to Record a Song? (Katie Thomas). Last year’s Club Love project from, saw a stand-alone website launched, with friends of the label contributing personal stories of quite literally “love in the club” that were shared in audio clips on the site. Registration No: 10141637 | Registered Office: Future House, 36 Lumsden Avenue, Southampton SO15 5EL, https://www.teenstarcompetition.co.uk/advice/uk-independent-record-labels. Consider PAN an exchange of ideas around art, sound and technology, a force that’s long been at the vanguard of contemporary music -- and remains so to today. Pages in category "British independent record labels" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 393 total. Watch Naira Marley and the cream of UK Afrobeats in the Moves cypher. So, ’s eski synths are warped and metastasized into explosive breakbeat, label head Jamie Russell processes ‘80s dub recordings into fractured radio transmissions as, make high energy rave tracks with hip hop swagger. Their bag is releasing music in odd formats, such as their flexizine series which combines a 7 inch single with a 20 page zine. JOIN OUR DIGITAL MAILING LIST AND GET NOTIFIED WHEN WE RELEASE NEW EPISODES AND STUFF. Keep an eye out for their first full-length LP coming this year. ’s Brownswood imprint has been running since 2006, but it’s on good form right now, in part through happy circumstance – UK jazz is undeniably having a moment – and in part through a dedication to smart initiatives and long-term vision. Founded in 1984 in Belgium … The acclaimed NH compilations offer a comprehensive entry point -- showcasing everything from, ’s deliriously fine-tuned drum sequences, Shanghai-based, ’s lo-fi techno, or TSVI’s own fractured spirituality that seamlessly melds Middle Eastern influences with the fundamentals of UK garage. Elsewhere, the label’s Future Bubblers programme has been key in turning up new talent like, , while the Brownswood-affiliated We Out Here festival returns to Cambridgeshire for a second year this August, mixing up the cream of Brit jazz (, ) with a massive line-up of DJs taking in, , who grew up on the bass-heavy diet of east London’s formative dubstep nights, Wisdom Teeth has been steadily supplying records that marry that genre’s echoing, dark atmospherics with the percussive energy of everything that’s come since. Vocal outings on the imprint from the likes of, , meanwhile, have delivered up swaggering singalong moments to boot. Launched in 2019 as an outlet for dark, heavy-swung garage -- with all the old-school styling of rough-stickered 12” white labels to boot -- GD4YA (or ‘Good For Ya’) has put out a steady drip of bag-on-site garage steppers, including sought-after cuts from the vaults of UKG legends, . You’re not going to be considered by labels if you haven’t built up a big enough fan base, figured out your image or gained enough performing experience.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'teenstarcompetition_co_uk-box-3','ezslot_2',107,'0','0'])); In most cases, you are going to need as a minimum three potential hit singles you have written or collaborated on and a fan base. 2020 © SYNERGIC RECORDS - Independent Record Label. Often UK independent record labels are subsidiaries of the major record labels but independently run. They soon became synonymous with the new breed of alt.rock starts, including the Pixies, The Breeders, Throwing Muses, The Big Pink and The National. From there, modern classics such as, 's Glacial Dancehall, space opera reissues like Captain Ganja's Traditions, and, most recently, the barometric pressure of, ' latest full-length Raw Dub Creator, all place Bokeh firmly within the relentlessly probing tradition of Basic Channel. Meanwhile the label’s most recent release, from, , cements its dancefloor credentials with a crystalline club cut. It inhabits similar musical worlds to the pair’s record bags – a mishmash of artists past and present, threading everything from leftfield disco to synth pop to krautrock into a vast discography stretching far beyond its Scottish base. google-site-verification=mt20ZW5X0Z6ly7g7JfE5SdBc8JW5sDr-kVzz66BjMEY .woocommerce-product-gallery{opacity:1!important}.recentcomments a{display:inline!important;padding:0!important;margin:0!important} function setREVStartSize(e){ McGee sold half of the label to major Sony in 1992 and he announced his departure from Creation on 25 November 1999, saying: "It's the end of a decade, a new millennium, and life begins at 40. The BPI tend to represent the major labels, and AIM represents the indie labels. The aim is to push conscious music to the universe. Moreover, the label reflects Murlo’s singular vision: each release features his sumptuous hand-drawn artwork -- a creative process the Manchester-based artist frequently live-streams on Twitch -- and contributes to the label’s broader world-building exercise. Recent roster additions include emo-trap duo, , suggesting MOVES will continue to define the cultural zeitgeist into the 2020s. Rich Walters The record label was set up in 1998 in St Pauls Bristol Uk by Emmanuel Anebsa. Run by producers, (who's one half of Jus Now), the label squeezes dembow-indebted global rhythms through a UK club juicer to come out with some of the most bouncy, contorted grooves to grace the dancefloor. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Category:British_independent_record_labels&oldid=950968617, Template Category TOC via CatAutoTOC on category with 301–600 pages, CatAutoTOC generates standard Category TOC, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 April 2020, at 20:14. This hunger for creative progression stretches beyond music into digital and physical forms too. But with recent releases bringing new-school producers into the fold (see, ’s recent three-tracker, or the inventively named, ), and regular road-tests at the affiliated South Circular club nights, the label has reinforced its commitment to nurturing a new generation of garage swagger. Listen to Optimo in the mix at Together Festival on Red Bull Radio in the player below. It was established in the middle of the punk explosion and has gone on to release a catalog of music from some of the most gifted and unique artists. Visitors to the webpage could then access an interactive experience using loops and stems from the release and create their own Club Love collages. Just as important to the Timedance story is Batu’s regular slot on Noods Radio (as well as label nights hosted around the UK), which sees the DJ weaving together like-minded releases from around the world. Communion's Maz Tappuni, of course, hosts a show on Radio X every Sunday night. The label was formed by Tim Dellow and Toby L of the RockFeedback website and has worked since 2004 with the likes of Foals, Two Door Cinema Club, Pulled Apart By Horses, Alvvays, The Rumble Strips, The Shins and The Subways. Record labels are responsible for the manufacture, distribution, and promotion of a particular recording. Who has Been to The BRIT School? Art Is Hard Records Art is Hard is a label run by two friends out of Exeter. Since 1998. (Josh Hall), In Glasgow’s weighty lineage of electronic music labels, young upstarts Craigie Knowes are blazing a new path. Independent recording labels are record labels that are funded independently and aren’t connected to one of the big majors (Sony, Warner and Universal). Below, you'll find a selection -- by no means definitive -- of some of the UK labels that best embody this spirit and emphasise the vital role that indies play in maintaining the UK's pioneering musical spirit.

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