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The person who responded to my chat said their name was Nanda or something like that. Oh and merchant support is not user friendly. Write a review. If my cut is 70% I should get about $46. Categories My Reviews My Settings Install App Help Log out Log in Sign up Install App For companies Overview Reviews About Groupon Reviews 26,406 • Average . I obviously refused: then they said they would collect Monday, then they emailed to say it would be in a few weeks but I could Not have refund until items were with them! The national deals will often carry less commission for the company, but holding these offers satisfies their vast consumer base. Ordered goods and after receiving e-mail about my order being despatched, for more than a week the tracking was showing in Transit. From there, select Live Chat and you can start live chatting as soon as an agent is available. On this page, you can set up your merchant account and start posting your own Groupons. We're so glad to have a loyal customer like you! after 3 weeks, they keep saying that the investigation is ongoing. This application is in most app stores and is featured for free download for the user. For example, a local deal gives you three days to get a refund, while a GrouponLive deal is usually final. So far I've been perfectly happy with everything l have ordered, both the service and the quality of the items and or services. Asked for 3 collection dates in next 7 days which were provided, these had been taken! After numerous attempts to sign in - I wrote 23 emails to the National Carry Academy - to no avail as no one has ever responded - I also tried to call on 2 different phone numbers and both are busy constantly and there is not reaching them.I then contacted Groupon who stated that I should clear my cache and try again - I did - and nothing happened - same issue. One order placed 25th October still not processed by 4th November and one order dispatched on 27th October still not received by 4th November, lost in transit. Very frustrated with their customer service.I ordered a standing desk. So right now Groupon have kind of washed their hands. You would need to contact Groupon so they can exchange the code for you." www.gro upon.com. I purchased 3 woments tunics. I am very disappointed with Groupon services and "deals?" Each Groupon deal varies on their expiration. The supplier said my original order had been delayed as it had been “lost in transit”. Deals tab and click “close” for the deal you would like to end. I would stress to anyone who is considering buying anything from them not to. Don’t waist your time or heartache even trying to sort it out. Third, I received the first two shipments. So the response to my groupon review after my complaint about an order not turning up....call customer service/online chat! I phoned thecompany for confirmation but was informed that Groupon provided me withfalse information as no refund will be given. What is Groupon? Groupon has no cost to use for customers, and there is a daily deal that you won’t likely find anywhere else.

When it comes to coupon redemption, there are always things to keep in the back of your head. I'm a salon owner and tried Groupon to expand my color clientele.

Buying from Groupon is like throwing your money in the bin. Sometimes you’ll need to get better inkjet printer ink if the barcode isn’t printing well enough. If you’re new to Groupon, not to fear. By offering businesses millions of potential buyers, Groupon is able to offer their products at a reduced price. No paperwork in the shipment to help me do so. I purchased a 'waist trainer/compression'. Groupon has a non existent contact policy when applying for a cash refund. Reach out to customer service for help on refunds. Ottoman end lift queen size bed frame WHITE3. Ninth, at this rate, I will not be able to send the items back within thier 30-day timeframe. The site is now fully searchable, allowing users to utilize a drop-down menu to narrow their selections. Many deals are discounted 50% off their original price. Groupon have the worst customer service I ever dealt with. I paid a cheap price but got cheap goods. Currently, BestBuy only price matches a limited number of online retailers, and Groupon isn’t included in this list. Availability of a service often extends to a first come, first service route. The merchant also gains brand recognition and the opportunity for low-cost marketing. It boils down to the customer’s willingness to compare the price differences between available offers across multiple platforms. My most recent encounter with Groupon made me $99 out of pocket and a face full of zits. If your Groupon is eligible, you’ll see “Trade In Voucher” next to your deal. As with any functionality of this type, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Sometimes it gets quite confusing because it may state different things.Good deals over all. These include deals on restaurants, shows and events in your area. DO NOT USE. However, when it arrived it was garden skittles. Tenth, no more online clothes buying for me expecially from Groupon. Emailed several times for help to be told I had no other option but to either take it to the post office at a cost to my time and petrol bill or take the day off work for a collection as they couldn’t do one on a Sunday as basically they do not want the cost but would rather it cost me their customer a day’s wages. I ordered a small single mattress on 3rd November and it has only just arrived today. If you click on or buy something via a link on this page, we may earn a commission. If you contact them you wait to live chat with a rep but if you don't text fast enough they cut you off and you have to start all over with a new Rep. No response from vendor after sending 2 messages on their website. So many issues not dealt with correctly, all they do is give credits and end of story. Groupon’s way of rewarding their valued customers is by sending them invite only deals. Luckily of low value but lesson learnt -the appalling reviews are justified. Groupon is the middleman, connecting customers with businesses. Here's my example, my one campaign is for a full foil, haircut and conditioner treatment. Terrible Customer Service regarding Fraud Coupon. Not what I would consider a saving as advertised. We appreciate your review and hope you continue to enjoy our app for years to come! When returning a Groupon Good, make sure you ship it with the provided return label or it won’t be valid. Do you agree with Groupon's TrustScore? Today I ordered some cupcakes & last year I ordered & bought a drive in a Lamborghini on a test track in the Auburn/Kent areas & OMG, it was absolutely incredible.

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