fastest nba player

His speed is mesmerizing, especially when you consider the fact that he's a solid 6'10'' and 251 pounds.

However, that doesn’t take away from just how fast Jordan really was during his career. He has a lanky 6'9'' frame, and he weighs about 220 pounds soaking wet. Collison will never be on the level of other point guards like Derrick Rose, Chris Paul or Rajon Rondo, but he can hold his own against them in the pure speed category. The beauty of Paul is that he can turn his speed on and off, and control his energy, like few other players in the game. He is an outstanding player and his speed is his main weapon. He's now been an All-Star in each of the last five seasons and was recently named to his first All-NBA team. The San Antonio Spurs are a perennial powerhouse in the Western Conference, and at the foundation of that success is the explosive play of their speedster point guard, Tony Parker. At times, Harden makes point guards look slow. Rajon Rondo thinks he's the best point guard in the NBA. The Fastest Basketball Player in the NBA is considered after taking into account different things like lateral agility, quickness, straight-line speed etc. Lebron, Westbrook, Rose, Wall….or  someone else? His explosive and yet almost inhuman like speed has given Westbrook the ability to break and achieve incredible stat lines including being able to average a triple-double at certain times of his career.

Often times we talk about players with a second or third gear, but that's not the kind of player LeBron is. He can hold his own against most other NBA players when it comes to pure speed, and what is so special about him is that he has a motor that never seems to run out. He just doesn't have the build of an elite NBA guard. James Harden is actually one of the most athletic players in the NBA.

While you can question his maturity, there's no questioning the fact that there are few players faster than Westbrook in the NBA today. A lot of players only have straight-line speed but Derrick Rose is not limited to this ability only. He instantly made an impact on the offensive side of the ball for Utah, averaging over 20 points per game as a rookie. His talents helped him become of the best one on one players in the league and he has sure left a great legacy behind him. Matching his speed and stamina is no joke at all. The Minnesota Timberwolves selected him with the No.

If you are looking to improve your speed as a basketball player, you should consider the best speed and agility training tools. At first glance Chris Paul doesn't appear to be that fast.

After tearing his ACL and going through multiple surgeries, Derrick Rose hasn’t been able to truly get back to his pre-injury form. If Rondo can continue to mature and work on his offensive efficiency, his speed won't be the only thing that is elite in the NBA. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A man the size of Harden—6'5'' and 220 pounds—shouldn't be as fast as he is, but that's what makes him so special.

Often times we talk about players with a second or third gear, but that's not the kind of player LeBron is. The sky is the limit for Lin, and as long as his speed is at the foundation of the way he plays the game, he'll be a star in the NBA. Put on your GM glasses and indulge us for a moment — is there anyone on this list that surprises you the most? On the wing and in transition, there are few players who are faster than Iguodala, and when you mix Iggy's speed with his physical style of play, it's quite evident why he's one of the top players in the NBA today. Names like John Wall, LeBron James, Russel Westbrook and Derrick Rose are always sitting atop the list when choosing the fastest and most agile player in the NBA. He is currently on the Cleveland Cavaliers and is averaging around four points and one assist per game. Give Wall another year or two to develop and there's no doubt that he will be able to harness his speed in a way that more aptly complements his true talents on the court. Nash plays the game with such a high level of finesse that it probably at times make him look a bit faster than he actually is. Kyrie Irving's upside is through the roof, and if he is able to develop more efficiency on the offensive side of the ball he will be at the foundation of the future in the NBA. But Washington Wizards head coach Scott Brooks doesn't just believe John Wall is the fastest player in the NBA… RUNNING SPEED Iverson never had height on his side so his speed on the court was a large focal point for his game. Rose was able to score the majority of his points through fast break plays, being able to dodge and weave through opponents with ease. The NBA measures straight-line speed at the yearly NBA combine, as well as quickness, lateral agility, and many other athletic traits. What of uncle drew.. It's also a testament to the fact that he knows how to control his elite speed, and that's truly special. Like Deron Williams, Parker knows how to shift gears very quickly, and that makes him a difficult player to stop. What makes this 6’8’’ a unique asset to the team is his speed. Typically, the fastest NBA players are point guards such as Russell Westbrook and John Wall, since they are often the smallest, although certain anomalies like LeBron James and Michael Jordan find themselves among the fastest NBA players despite being bigger and stronger. If Chalmers wasn't speedy, he wouldn't be in the NBA. Fortunately for Super Mario, he's one of the 25 fastest guys in the league, and that means he'll have a job until his legs give out. It seemed like nothing could wear Gordon out, aside from playing defense. We look at the ten best speed demons in the NBA going into the 2019-20 NBA season. | Being a fairly well-built player, you wouldn’t expect LeBron to be insanely quick but he has proven that false with the ability to make huge chase down blocks and being able to run fast breaks and break ankles.

He is extremely dangerous with the ball in his hands, mainly because he is so fast off the dribble. 5. His speed is only one facet of why he is such an incredible player, but it's something that NBA fans should appreciate, because it could be something that we never see again. Zer0.2 Colorways, Ranked#4 of 42 The Greatest UCLA Basketball Players of All Time, #48 of 102 The Most Likable Players In The NBA Today#5 of 175 The Greatest Shooting Guards in NBA History, Birthplace: New York City, New York, United States of America, Wild Stories And Rumors About Michael JordanThe Forgotten Michael Jordan '90s Cartoon ProStars Was Even Weirder Than Space Jam, Birthplace: Akron, Ohio, United States of America, The Best LeBron 15 Colorways, Ranked#249 of 269 The Most Trustworthy Celebrities in the World, The Best Kyrie 4 Colorways, RankedThe Best Kyrie 5 Colorways, Ranked, #79 of 150 The Greatest Point Guards in NBA History#87 of 168 The Greatest Power Forwards in NBA History, Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America, #25 of 161 The Best NBA Players With No Championship Rings#1689 of 1,816 The Best Athletes Of All Time, Birthplace: Oakland, California, United States of America, #18 of 107 The Best Foreign NBA Players of All Time#120 of 227 The Greatest Offensive Players in NBA History, Birthplace: Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States of America, The Coolest Chris Paul Signature Shoes, RankedThe Best Jordan CP3.XII Colorways, Ranked, Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America, #84 of 769 The Top NBA Players Of All Time#31 of 96 The Most Overrated Players In The NBA Today.

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