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Enjoy 4 exclusive gifts during the collection. Including David Gerrold (the creator of the Tribbles), Robert Orci & Alex Kurtzman (writers of the movies STAR TREK and STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS), Harlan Ellison (author of TREK’s greatest episode, The City on the Edge of Forever) & more... including STAR TREK novelists Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, Alan Dean Foster and Diane Duane. DISCOVER THE COLLECTION. All the series, all the movies, all the ships. Complete set of Star Trek movie posters & collector's tin: 2 Classic covers printer and embossed in metal: STAR TREK / GREEN LANTERN: THE SPECTRUM WAR, PLANET OF THE APES - THE PRIMATE DIRECTIVE, DC Comics Super Hero Collection: Blackest Night Brightest Day, Alien and Predator Official Figurine Collection, Star Trek The Official Starship Collection, Build A Model Solar System + Sun, Moon & Earth Orbiter Collection. Star Trek Discovery How many books are there in the collection. Doctor Who Sammlerfiguren; Game of Thrones. Star Trek Graphic Novel For the first time ever 50 years of STAR TREK comics have been brought together in a single series. After getting the rings on board, they are attacked by the vengeful Klingon, General Chang. The first instalment went out before an episode had been broadcast in the UK. The series even includes a special comics that featured characters from Peter David’s New Frontier novels. High quality Star Trek bookends: If you need back copies you can ask your newsagent to order them for you or just contact our Customer Services Team. Specially commissioned metal lapel pin featuring the iconic Starfleet symbol, a must for any Star Trek fan. In 1993 independent comic book company Malibu acquired the rights to produce DEEP SPACE NINE comics. Meet the Star Trek Starships Collection XL models! If you'd like to hear about all the latest releases, offers and more from Eaglemoss, please sign up here. Die Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection ist eine regelmäßig erscheinende Sammelausgabe von Eaglemoss Collections.In ihr erscheinen Nachdrucke verschiedener Star-Trek-Comics quer aus der gesamten 50jährigen Geschichte des Franchises. Alternatively, please email our Customer Services Team at startrekbooks@eaglemoss-service.com. The Walking Dead Collector's Models; Star Trek. Now all must unite to defeat the darkness that threatens to swallow up everything. THE NEWSPAPER STRIPS (VOLUME 1), Volume 13. Melden Sie sich bei unserem Newsletter an, um zu den ersten zu zählen, die über unsere neuesten Kollektionen, Angebote, Wettbewerbe und vieles mehr informiert werden! Â. Eaglemoss is constantly striving to give you the best customer service. EMAIL: startrekbooks@eaglemoss-service.com You can store your exclusive art prints in this unique collector's tin. Rescue comes in an unexpected form – a man in a green suit helps out the ship while the rings on the deck come alive to find their bearers in this new timeline. If you are experiencing problems getting through to the secure order area when trying to place a subscription order, please email us at startrekbooks@eaglemoss-service.com. BUY NOW, STAR TREK / LEGION OF SUPER_HEROES Can I get the free gifts without subscribing? Battlestar Galactica: die Raumschiffsammlung, Star Trek – die offizielle Raumschiffsammlung, Nutzungsbedingungen & Datenschutzrichtlinien. As a subscriber, for £1 extra per issue, you have the opportunity to upgrade your subscription and receive premium gifts! The premium subscription is an exclusive offer giving you the opportunity to receive additional gifts throughout the collection by paying only £1 extra per issue. You can ask your newsagent to place a regular order for you so you can pick up your issues from them. Want to hear about our latest collections, offers and more? A new entertainment hub for comic book, TV and movie fans. Every edition has a specially-commissioned introduction to provide context to the story. Every ship has been recreated in die-cast & high quality ABS materials, then hand painted with an incredible level of detail. Star Trek Discovery Written and created by ultra fans and experts with real insight into the industry, the website features news, reviews, interviews, exclusive features and the inside track on upcoming movies, TV shows, comic books and collectibles. With this collection you can revisit all the classic characters and incredible art from the STAR TREK comic archives. This amazing collection starts in January 2017 in the UK & Ireland, and in summer 2017 in Malta. You will start paying the extra £1 from issue 2 onwards, if you start your subscription at a later issue you just have to pay an additional £1 per issue for the issues you have missed. How can I get copies if I live outside the UK? Die Neuveröffentlichung erfolgt dabei nicht in chronologischer Reihenfolge. You can pay by Direct Debit, Visa, Delta, Mastercard or Paypal. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked. Volume 13: Star Trek: Marvel Comics Part 1. Following STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN, DC Comics took over the rights and started producing stories that followed Kirk and his crew after Spock’s death. You can cancel at any time giving 28 days notice – please contact our Customer Services Team at startrekbooks@eaglemoss-service.com or call 0344 472 5221. TM & © 2018 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. Batman Graphic Novel Collection; Batman Universe Busts; Batman: Die Zeichentrickserie; DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection; DC Comics Superhero Collection; Doctor Who. Buy Now. In this prequel to Countdown Spock undertakes one last mission for an old friend. Enterprise. When I start my premium subscription what issue will I start paying the additional £1.00. The series revisited many of the characters from the original series. Now famous author Harlan Ellison has brought his original, unedited version to life in this stunning graphic novel. Comics giant Marvel Comics took over the rights when STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE was released in 1979. Don't forget, if you take out a subscription issues will be delivered to your door free of charge and you will receive 4 fantastic subscription gifts! STAR TREK / GREEN LANTERN: THE SPECTRUM WAR STAR TREK comics started in 1967 during the show’s second season. I can’t see some of the pages on the website. Please post your incorrect copies to Star Trek Graphic Novels. If I want to cancel my subscription am I entitled to a refund for my premium payments? In 1999, WildStorm took over the rights to STAR TREK and produced a series of one-shots and mini-series featuring the original series, TNG, VOYAGER and DS9. Pullman Way, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 1HD We'll send one lucky responder a £20 Amazon voucher too! Special #2 THE CLASSIC UK COMICS (PART 1), Volume 7. Please call our customer services team to make the arrangements. TELEPHONE:                     +356 21664488 This extraordinary new collection contains all the key moments of STAR TREK … Jetzt gleich bei Facebook unserem Comic-Helden Fanclub beitreten. The Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection volume 12 features the Kelvin timeline Enterprise crew in 'The Edge of the Galaxy', as they revisit some of the well-known missions of their alternate selves! Special #3 Introducing Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, Star Trek Graphic Novels: watch the TV ad, Keep up to date on Star Trek news via herocollector.com, Star Trek Graphic Novel 31 review: The Wormhole Connection, Star Trek Starships collection introduces the U.S.S.

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