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Good mentors exemplify their highest ideals. Subset skills: Suggestive questioning, constructive feedback, performance management, confidence building. If you have any questions, please phone us (+44 (0)20 3856 3037) or send us a message. Good coaching relies on clear communication. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to help others reach their full potential. Yes, you will be required to complete a multiple-choice test online at the end of your course, you can do this test as many times as you require. Mentoring and role modelling are more profound because they contain strong moral, ethical and character-based components. model. Online learning is easy, if not easier than a traditional academic situation. Coaching and mentoring are two distinct forms of teaching: Coaching is based upon giving personalised instruction that will improve the learner’s skills, knowledge, technique and confidence. Good content. The materials are easy to understand which makes learning enjoyable. Delegates are of all personality types, and you will discover that, although we are all different, we have a lot in common with others. It is aimed for corporate employees who wish to develop their coaching or mentoring skills at any level of business. The self-concept is “the beliefs people hold about themselves, in terms of their native ability and potential”. Once you successfully pass your exam you can obtain your certificate of achievement either in PDF or hard copy format, or both, for an additional fee. Walcot House, Parton Road, Now we turn our focus onto the more profound form of teaching: Mentoring. They may not be able to move faster than a speeding bullet or lift trucks with one arm, but they do change the world. Most people don’t like to be told! So, a good coach understands how to use the right emotion, at the right time, in order to get the performance needed from their trainees. Join a coaching and mentoring training class today, or have a trainer come to your workplace in Singapore. We tailor the content and activities to be specific to your current needs and Managers need training in how to deliver feedback consistently and rationally. Section Four: Understanding the Realities. We explore coaching skills in more detail: Main topics: Clear communication. In-House training has been designed to provide a similar experience to our open courses, however we can tailor the content to fit your specific needs. They make a difference, they influence lives and they create history. We have presentations of 18 soft skills programs that we conduct at MMM Training Solutions that you can download for free. Please send us the complete list with the exact course link of the courses you'd like to bundle up via email email/info)(coursesforsuccess.com and we will create them for you. The first component of the GROW method is setting Goals. This course opens a new door for you to enter the relevant job market and also gives you the opportunity to acquire extensive knowledge along with required skills to become successful in no time. The aim is twofold, to play to your strengths and to eliminate weaknesses. Of course, you will need to be able to self-manage your time and be organized, but with our help, you’ll soon find yourself settling into a comfortable rhythm of study. Identify the steps needed in defining options for your employee and turn them into a preliminary plan. you to a SGD$100 discount on an Everything a coach does, should be for a good reason. Yes, there is an additional charge for the certification service. Check the calendars in Aus and NZ. Identify the benefits of building and fostering trust with your employee. This coaching process is designed to help you organize and create a better flow. This Coaching and Mentoring Training program will help you turn performance management into a collaborative process that benefits everyone. And not all positive emotions are good, overconfidence can be the cause of failure. We will investigate the moral, ethical and character-based qualities we need to be effective mentors. This is a limited time offer! Then we will use the templates to assess your current strengths and weaknesses. There are no prerequisites for this course and it is open to everyone. The course provides the basics of life coaching and mentoring. Though there is some little difference between mentoring and coaching, the goals of these two are the same: to achieve a particular desire. Determining the best possible option can be done y implementing a consistent process. In the past 5 years, we have seen an exponential increase in the request for this program and we feel that the reason is the multi-faceted role that the leader has to play. The objective of this course is to: Section Two: Coaching, Mentoring, aren’t they the same? We have made sure that your course is highly interactive. You will also be introduced to the G.R.O.W, Model. Teaching by example; exemplifying the specific attributes the mentor wants to inspire in the learner. Below is a brief look into what the process brings: Effective coaching requires effective goal setting. In order to get the best performance from yourself and others, you need to develop yourself in three areas of coaching skills relating to continuous improvement, learning and motivation. We will examine the difference between constructive, helpful feedback and destructive. It’s surprisingly easy to make it so that your system can automatically be up to date with all the training record details you need. We offer the definition of coaching as “a form of teaching/training, based upon giving individualised instruction designed to improve the learner’s skills, knowledge, technique and confidence”. Identify when the coaching is at an end and transitioning your employee to other growth opportunities. Support, reinforcement & extension eLearning and videos in the App. Coaching and Mentoring Online - Requirements. Yes, this course is accredited by CiQ and CPD Qualification Standards. We will come to you if you want us to present to your team in-house. For payment plans, we offer Sezzle for USA & Canada, Afterpay for Australia & New Zealand. The trainer was great with engaging delivery and use of real-life examples. It is aimed for corporate employees who wish to develop their coaching or mentoring skills at any level of business. It is not enough to talk the talk, we must also walk the walk. Mentorship on the other hand is a coaching skill that enables a coach to provide guidance, wisdom, and advice when needed. Allow me to carry you through this scenario. Gone are the days when the role of the leader was primarily to supervise, get things done, increase productivity and remain unbiased and ethical. For instance, not all negative emotions are bad, since for some people, anger can be a powerful motivator to improve. You will also receive an email containing your course login details (username and password), as well as instructions on how to access and log in to your course via the internet with any device, please check your junk/spam folder in the event that you do not receive the email. This course is provided in English, however, due to the digital nature of our training, you can take your time studying the material and make use of tools such as google translate and Grammarly. Particularly the mind over mood, prioritisation, the future good, practical alternatives, avoiding the negative and being objective. All Rights Reserved, Delegation & Succession Planning in Mentoring, 90% of organisations with over 2,000 employees use business coaching, 95% say that coaching has delivered tangible benefits to their business, Understanding the difference between coaching and mentoring, Recognizing when to act as a coach and when to act as a mentor, Using the ways in which coaching and mentoring can help in their career growth, Realizing their current skills as a coach and mentor, Delegation & Succession Planning in Mentoring, Creating an environment of open and honest Communication. can be in the room with others offsite. A good mentor will always have integrity. Coaches are often associated with sports activities, helping people achieve a specific goal or skill. Our soft skills training programs are 80% activities and 20% content. This PD Training Coaching and Mentoring course will empower you with the behavior, knowledge and skills to help develop and motivate others in a constructive manner. Below is a recap of the characteristics of a coach. attending a course in a room with other people. The Coaching and Mentoring Online course is designed for people who would like to acquire active listening skills to become better learners and communicate with others more effectively. We will present an eight-part system of goal setting, which will allow us to define targets; and begin to assemble the mental, emotional, tangible and intangible resources needed to achieve goals.

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