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The design has advantages in terms of intonation and sound different than virtually anything else out there. The tones generated by those electronics are firmly in modern territory, so you’ll want to look at something else if you need either vintage tones or more flexibility. While the pickups are passive, there’s an active three-band EQ to shape your tone.

I teach for my studio set up in Kangaroo Point

This shortish scale (30 inches) option is a comfortable size for a wide range of players and provides a well-rounded tone. - used Stock Number: 023200851480 Message for further information This item is being sold by Cash Converters Salisbury, Collection is available - Guitars and Basses are packed on Monday (courier collection Tuesday) and Thursday (for courier collection Friday) It isn't hard to spend over $1,000 on any stringed instrument, but basses take a lot of wood, so the price can climb quickly. If your purc, Guyatone Flip BB-X, Valve, Bass Drive, MIJ, 1980s, Vintage Bass Effect. Comes with a generic hardcase. Fancy bridge which you can adjust to modify the string spacing. Premium build and materials, quality.

Ideal for large gatherings, parties, weddings, restaurants outdoors or indoors. Mini humbuckers generate good power when needed with better-than-average cutting clarity at this price point. Meaning, if your purchase is on a Thursday (after 1pm), Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday (before 1pm) it will be couriered Tuesday. Copyright © 2007-2020 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. POSTAGE & SHIPPING NOTE: Body is light and everything is black so it's looks sexy as anything. Shop Guitar Kits Shop Bass Kits Shop BYO Specials. 48 hr turnaround - usually same day Professional, Prompt, Service & Advice WE WARRANTY OUR WORK You get an active EQ circuit with controls for bass and treble wired to a modern-sounding humbucker. In that time, the line has more or less continuously supplied an above-average bass that spans from beginner to the upper midrange, so they’re good as a modest upgrade or as an instrument that will grow with the player a bit. I've seen this sentiment countless times in reading forums and comments. Still functional Over$1400 worth of gear perfect Christmas gift for a beginner or gigging pro. Four color options should be enough to suit just about anyone and the classic single-cut body stands out just enough in a world of P-Bass take-offs. Looking for brands like Fender / Gibson / Ibanez / Maton / Guild/ Gretsch / Goldentone / Boss / Roland / Leslie / Marshall / Yamaha / Korg / AKAI / VOX / Zildjian / Dobro / Tokai / Suzuki / Music man, TopNegotiable LoudeBox Fishman- amplifier / bluetooth wireless speaker. Purchased second second hand never used before 2 switchable tone channels, 12AX7 preamp tube, channel 1 has a simple volume & tone control set up, channel 2 has gain, bass, treble & master and is designed to resemble the front end of a Hot Cat amplifier, true bypass & channel switches, performance mode LED readout, industrial internal transformer & removable power cord.

These are somewhat rare used on Reverb, but certainly worth a look before buying. Works perfectly. Korean made quality - likely late 80’s or early 90’s. This bass is a Crafted in Japan model. Meaning, if your purchase is on a Thursday (after 1pm), Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday (before 1pm) it will be couriered Tuesday. 5-channels with guitar/instrument or microphone input for each channel. Bought few mths ago brand new.
Controls are simple with a master volume and tone and pickup selector. - Upon cleared payment, all small items (pedals, wiring etc) are general posted within 24-72hr

Does not come with case Model KR-15 In perfect condition - Full sized piano keyboard. Bartolini pickups. CONDITION 9/10 Black bass guitar works perfectly just never got around to learning bass guitar. It's still lovely to play and sounds huge at 12K output from the Musicman pickup. ESP AP-4 Bass Guitar. Stock Code: 001300278961 This item is being sold by Cash Converters Collingwood and is supplied with a 90 day warranty.

- Guitars and Basses are packed on Monday (courier collection Tuesday) and Thursday (for courier collection Friday) line is perhaps even better than the Squier VM/CV models at its own game — offering much of the tones and qualities of the parent company’s top-of-the-line models for starter bass money. Sell a 5 string Yamaha bass guitar RBX375, This is the 5 String version of the RBX374. Even at that, you'll probably be curious to try a few different styles of bass, and perhaps have basses suited to particular jobs. Great quality sound and bass. Vintage Washburn Cherry Red Bass Guitar I have a 1997 MIM Standard Jazz Bass, which is really quite good, and I think these are just about on par if you factor in improvements in fit and finish over the years. Volume, balance and one of the EQs are working, however what is I presume the middle EQ is not working. "Bad Cat Amplifiers, Washburn 4 String Vintage Bass Guitar Cherry Red. This versatility means you can easily dial in modern and vintage tones, suitable for just about every style of playing. Having said that, buying too cheap will land you in a world of fret buzz that will make you crazy. Guyatone Flip BB-X, Valve Bass Drive Made In Japan, 1980s Vintage Bass Effect Pedal Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android. Powered by.

All gear is in great condition with only 5 hours of play.

Fortunately, there are a number of excellent choices available under $500, a threshold that most hobbyists can generally afford. I can include a soft carry case, strap for stand up playing if required. Description ( https://www.scmusic.com.au/product/yamaha-rbx375-5-string-electric-bass-guitar-black/ ) The SlimTaper D-profile neck is very comfortable and plays relatively fast, if you’re in need of that. Controls consist of separate volume knobs and a master tone. Looking for electric guitars, acoustic, bass etc... will also consider other instruments and audio gear. Blues/ Rock/ jazz Good balance, no neck dive. The other two knobs are an overall volume and a balance to blend the two pickups. No offers. For the price, it’s better than it has any right to be. ESP AP-4 Bass Guitar. Why you would choose this one: You love a spalted wood finish and need five strings, but can live with passive pickups. If you prefer, you can pick this up at zZounds, too. Only a couple blemishes means this is still a quality bass but just a bit cheaper. Roland digital Inteligent mini-grand piano, plus leather piano stool (its height can be ajusted). These are quintessential rock machines, with plenty of dark, yet mud-free, low-end. Great quality sound and bass. Style-wise, it splits the difference between Squier and Sterling basses. Pick up from North Ryde, A Yamaha PSR-e423 keyboard that I have grown out of using, and has been sitting unused for a couple of years now. No offers or trades please. Colors avaialble include Black, Frost Blue, Hot Rod Yellow, and Black/White. Negotiable LoudeBox Fishman- amplifier / bluetooth wireless speaker, Fender Precision Bass Guitar CIJ with generic hard case. Great beginner’s 5 string. If you prefer the more popular choice, you could also check out the Stiletto on zZounds. A range of other quality products can be found in-store, with a lay-by option available. Comes with some case. - Upon cleared payment, all small items (pedals, wiring etc) are general posted within 24-72hr All Ages welcome. This custom model CORT Nylon String guitar with the famed Gibson style Studio N. $890 Negotiable. Wednesday 9am–5:30pm In other words, they hold it down. Don't settle for anything less than an instrument that perfectly reflects you. Guitar, bass, madolin and ukulele mainenance, service, restoration, restringing and repairs of all types, including full rebuilding of broken guitars, basses, mandolins and ukuleles. For sale complete package only. It is a Fender Jazz clone by the brand Legend, but is otherwise unbranded. Bass guitars serve as the low end of the harmonic framework for most modern musical ensembles.

Ibanez kind of specialize in this price bracket, so if you want more options, consider any of the following: You may be able to save a few bucks and find different color variations by shopping used on Reverb.
. Sometimes you just need something over-the-top. Comes with some case. Has just been carefully cleaned and set up with new strings.

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