business strategy exam questions and answers

It will summarize the topic for her business plan. All rights reserved.  Politics refers to the way in which managers use power to affect decisions and actions. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal and management style of the organisation and by communications.  Above all, leadership must be transparent and accountable for its activities. a. You will get 1 point for every correct answer. d. Revolution also involves fundamental changes as a result of sudden and fast changing conditions, whereby the These sample questions and answers help to reinforce your learning and act as a revision tool. How does learning occur in leadership and management development?  Is also an important part of an organisations culture. They translate organisation's grand strategies into action to ensure that short term objectives are met. Forecasting sales is critical because all other budgeted activities depend on these forecasts. staff, specialists in legal, tax, press and public relations and so on. The organisation has to become a learning organisation in this regard to manage the The social media account used by your company. Reward systems should extend to middle and lower levels of management and be used for the entire workforce. Leaders are not only a driving force behind the strategy implementation initiative but they also need to perform certain tasks and take Question 3 - Discuss the responsibilities of a strategic leader. It clarifies the business strategy. valuable asset. Why does a foreign subsidiary have limited rights concerning decision-making? It helps to establish departmental or divisional and organisational priorities, which in (5) [A3-Nov12 + B2.1-Nov10]. Share options. 4) Standardisation of outputs: Multinational firms are constantly faced with the dilemma of choosing between _______ and ___________. To work towards accomplishing an organizational goal. People barrier: e. The existence of organisational silos and a culture that resists change. As plans themselves may be obsolete by the time a strategic plan is implemented. a. c. Share prices should not be re-priced to benefit directors when the company's share are not performing well or the  Artefacts include the physical and social environment, written communication, advertisements, etc. b. Carmichael, Collins, Emsell, and Haydon: Leadership and Management Development, Suggested answers for the reflection points, Suggested answers for the discussion questions. facilitate implementation thereof. There are two sections to the value chain they are: Industries in which proportionally more value is added in __________ activities, such as logistics, are more likely to benefit from a global strategy. 1) Mutual Adjustment: It may work in the short term, c. The level of risk association with the specific proposal, Question 7 - Explain the role of the master budget in strategy implementation. can happen over a period of time. the referred employee already works at the job, the referred employee is somewhat familiar with the company, the referring employee is a good employee. assignment of monetary and non-monetary rewards. Which of the following should be avoided during diversity training?  Structural issues include the extent to which the organisation is centralized or decentralized and will impact on control practices within an organisation.  Symbols include the organisations logo, etc. managers and employees behave. Below are the matching leadership styles with the chosen strategy. You can see the answers and explanations, after you finish the test. Carlos bought a new laptop using a store's credit card, and the store offered to reduce the laptop's price by $50 if he paid the entire bill within 6 months. Policies need to support a chosen strategy, and a change in strategy may require a change in policy.  Rapid growth phase, needs a caretaker used to justify activities to the stakeholders. ii. planning and implementation. Individual differences in leadership and management development: why not clone managers? a. a. Business Strategy: Help & Review Final Free Practice Test Instructions. Where the existing organisational will be difficult to change, it may be necessary to adjust to strategy to be a better fit with the regulate the day-to-day affairs of each department. knowledge era. When you have completed the free practice test, click 'View Results' to see your results. b. to guide strategic Interaction on a vertical or hierarchical level is related to the process of recognition between manager and employee and If not aligned, then it poses a stumbling block. direction that will lead the organization towards those goals. b) Divisional structure: Organisations with several business lines Staff – the people in the organisation As a result, it is crucial for successful strategy implementation that people be allocated the most useful tasks in implementing the Short term goals can serve as standards of performance and as incentives for managers and employees to perform, and are change in the resource allocation plan of the organisation. Reward systems can be defined as the umbrella term for the different components considered in performance evaluation and the These four approaches are expressed through four employee recognitions practices: existential recognition, recognition of the b. Question 8 - Describe the drivers of strategy implementation. Because it doesn't have the legal right to do anything aside from market products. Therefore as organisations grow, structure generally changes from simple (e.g.

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