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Makes me laugh every time I see it. Catherine O’Hara. Here’s how that fireplace we saw above looks now: Categories Houses Onscreen, In the Movies. I remember seeing the car go over the bridge (“all quiet on the set!”). It’s right up there with Little Shop of Horrors for me. They hardly recognize their own home. The sets were designed by Bo Welch, who worked as a production designer on other offbeat film projects like Edward Scissorhands and Men in Black. Inside, I would have had to have a interior redesign! The original exterior is odd in the proportions but still wonderfull. Okay, now I have to include this one in our next Glitter and a Movie challenge. “There are no parades, but we will have Beetle House.”. “I always wanted to open up a Halloween bar where every day feels like Halloween.”. I’ve seen so many real “updating” projects that are similar to the one in this film that the appalling changes in the movie house now strike me as typical. I always thought that house was goofy before and after! Sun, Tue, Wed: 04:00pm–11:30pm Hard to imagine the movie without him now. Must hurry before the month ends. Sun, Tue, Wed: 4:00pm–11:30pm I adore the movie, and always felt that the renovated house was more horrifying and creepy than any other aspect of the film, including Beetlejuice. The original farmhouse decor was – and still is – so appealing to me!! This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Great shots as usual. The farmhouse look wasn’t the best either, at least we know both were fake I still can’t believe that is Michael Keaton, did you know that was his favorite role he’s ever played?!? Talk about a target, hope they had a lighting rod! Contact us. When I first saw this movie, I hated what the new homeowners did to the house. Beetle House! DO COLLEGE KIDS KNOW TIM BURTON MOVIES? Welch is married to Catherine O’Hara, who played Delia Deetz in this movie. Thanks,Trent, I remember watching this movie and actually thinking the makeover was kind of cool in an odd way. It is rare to see a Landscape Design cliche ripped into for humor. tel: 929-291-0337 Now, in his own spooky bar, everything from the gothic decor to the haunted movie characters and menu items is promised to transport guests to another world, allowing them to feel as if they’re attending a Halloween party any night of the week. tel: 646-510-4786 Too funny. Now, the establishment has a permanent city storefront and delivers a unique dining experience for guests year-round. 308 East 6th Street New York, NY 10003, USA Sat: 5:00pm–2:00am Tag five friends whom would like to go to our grand opening on Friday September 13th. But you’re right that the patio thing is awesome. Beetle House! The store, the library across the street, the mason hall that was the “school” all got fun little touches which were taken down after the shooting. We are always looking for unique acts to come perform at the Beetle House Specialty Show Room. , I think the original interior is darling and perfect !!! Thanks for sharing! when the new owners remodled it, I could see my ghost haunting people for redecorating in poor taste, The cast was perfect, I cannot imagine anyone else in their roles. Everyone get’s the point. Ugh. Maude, Copyright © 2020 Hooked on Houses Hosted on WP Engine | Built on the Genesis Framework Site Design by 3200 Creative, Henry & Clare’s House in “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, “Revenge:” Emily Thorne’s Beach House in the Hamptons, Creating the Castle and Colorful Houses for “Edward Scissorhands”, Meryl Streep’s House from the Movie “It’s Complicated”, Diane Keaton’s Yellow House in the Movie “Baby Boom”, “Stuart Little:” A Small House with a Big Personality, The House from “A League of Their Own” in Kentucky. PIX11 Plus: Where to find New York's Very Own. It’s perfect. Love this movie – so quirky. Locations… Locations Manager(s): Mary F. Galloway Beetlejuice Filming Locations: The town of East Corinth, Vermont was used for the exterior location shots. But when you watch the movie, you’d swear it had been overlooking the small village below for a hundred years. A miniature replica was also built of the town and used in the movie. I don’t like the “modern” house remodel at all – it’s WAY more creepy than the old-fashioned look it had before. Its hard to believe it isn’t a real house! 1714 N Las Palmas Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028 I’d like to watch it again now and pay more attention to the design and the sets! Prefer the house before and thought it was hilarious watching Adam and Barbara’s reaction to what Delia had done to it. A band with a strange new sound? Sad. I loved this movie when I was a kid! Beetle House, Beetle House! This is when Post Modernism jumped the shark. I must have watched that movie a 100 times as a kid. I think my favorite bad touch is the staircase, because it looks like it’s been spray painted with that “faux stone” product—a wooden staircase made to look like stone–LOL! Here, the ‘after’ framed view? Wed:5:00pm–12:30am Thanks for sharing! Too funny. I actually didn’t like either the before or after exterior. One month before what would have been their third year in business, Neil had to close his doors due to the coronavirus pandemic. “And at 25% capacity, that would be about six seats for our location, so we can’t survive on that.”. LOVE the movie, LOVE this post! At the end of the movie, Winona Ryder levitates up the set and we get to see more of the staircase, which by then has been restored to its traditional look. Ventriloquist, Mime, Contortionist, character actor! I always yelled at the t.v. The hilltop that the Maitlands house was built on in plainly visible when one drives into the town of East Corinth off to the left hand side of the road.

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