are slugs bad for compost

But not all slug baits work equally well, and some are toxic to pets. Why do I keep warning you not to put coffee grounds on your Since slugs feed at night, gardeners notice the damaged plants, but they can’t find the culprit. Good luck on your mission to rid your garden of slugs! dumped in the compost bin. Or try boiling them to make We’re Used coffee grounds come in with a pH of 6.5 to 6.8. It makes sense; everyone knows coffee is acidic. Caffeine Informer sites a 2012 study conducted by The Department of Nutrition, Food Science and Physiology, School of Pharmacy, University of Navarra showing spent coffee grounds can contain up to 8.09 mg of caffeine per gram of grounds. Coffee grounds compact too quickly which doesn’t make them an ideal media for mulch. I never turn the contents but still produce the lovely black stuff. compost; coffee makes excellent compost, etc. Their “bodies” will rot down quite quickly due to the high moisture content. Because as we all know, coffee is caffeinated. I love my Wi-Fi, and knowing pizza is only a phone call away. But make a cup of coffee before you settle in to read. A “good slug”. Probably the most common gardening advice for spent coffee grounds is to use them to acidify your soil. It works, but it’s also incredibly gross. One study compared three different composting methods to measure the effect of adding coffee grounds to your compost. It would appear that coffee grounds are not so great for The slugs will help the composting process in eating some of the material, excreting, and some dying thus being composted themselves. Regardless of what has been believed, slugs really do not bother a compost bin. Yes, you can add snails and slugs to your compost heap. Never use slug bait or pellets in your compost bin. Some even suggest using coffee as a mulch. Gardeners often ask the following questions: What do slugs eat? I read other anecdotal advice saying that slugs won’t even go near coffee grounds. You can find me at BesemerWrites. Symptoms. What are slugs’ natural predators? Pellets are made from this tool that you add water to, and they quickly expand. It doesn’t take long to see that coffee is touted as the panacea of the garden. Plastic traps are baited with beer. Slugs are bothered by itchy, rough wool, just like humans. Slugs in compost heap. The finished compost lower down contains less food for them, so is … That’s nearly the same amount of caffeine that’s in a cup of black tea! They’re slimy and disgusting. Iron phosphate is the ingredient you want to look for. How? Snakes, frogs, chickens, ducks, and raccoons all love slugs! You might spray with a general insecticide, which will not work against slugs. Is this good or bad?? Nope, this perennial garden advice is busted as well. While I can’t say with certainty that coffee grounds will repel slugs, in this case, it can’t hurt to try. A yellow slug (Limax flavus) on the lid of a compost bin – these slugs are common around compost and actually help with the decomposition process. As we’ve already learned, the acid is water-soluble and will be washed out of your soil pretty quickly, leaving you to apply more and more coffee grounds. But I’m okay with never revisiting the adventure that is using an outhouse in the middle of January. acidic; coffee grounds aren’t acidic at all. Slugs prefer the most tender leaves. And as if murdering innocent earthworms wasn’t bad enough, it appears that coffee has antibacterial properties, too. Encourage natural predators that feed on slugs, such as ground beetles, toads, frogs, hedgehogs, and some types of birds (including chickens). Press Esc to cancel. For large spaces, you can make a copper collar around the outer edge of the bed or inside the upper rim of the pot. plants to acidify your soil either. I grew up spending weekends on my dad’s off-the-grid homestead. The title of the paper tells you all you need to know, “Applying spent coffee grounds directly to urban agriculture soils greatly reduces plant growth.”. The yeast attracts slugs who then fall in and drown. Put coffee grounds in your compost for healthy soil and earthworms! (Heh, pH humor.). Slugs eat the bait, immediately stop feeding, and die within a few days. advice to use coffee grounds to kill slugs or repel them is accurate, right? In fact, many of the most conspicuous slugs – the big slimey yellow ones and the big shiney black ones, for example – spend most of their lives cleaning up dead and decaying things. I can’t go more than a few days without a trip deep into the Pennsylvania State Game Lands looking for mushrooms, edible plants, or the sound of the wind in the trees. Type above and press Enter to search. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. Yes, it is a problem: They will lay eggs in your compost. Where do slugs live? Despite its color, coffee is considered to be a ‘green’ addition, so it needs to be mixed in with plenty of ‘brown,’ like dried leaves. Coffee grounds are too Whether it was pressing apples for homemade cider or trudging through the early spring snows of upstate NY to tap trees for maple syrup, there were always chores with each new season. Slugs will also eat vegetables and fruits, too, causing damage to crops. Slugs are also cannibalistic. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. They often hide from the sun during the day and feast at night. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. It doesn’t take long to see that coffee is touted as the I garden, even when the only space available is the rooftop of my apartment. We are advised to put them in the garden for perky plants and bright blue azaleas. The Oregon State University Extension tells us that the acid in coffee beans is water-soluble. 7 Ways to Control Slug Damage 1 – Prevent slug damage with these practical steps that can become part of your regular routines. Still want to put those coffee grounds on your prize tomatoes? Just don't let them get near your plants! This post may contain affiliate links. reading. Perhaps a liberal sprinkling of coffee grounds on pesky Well, my friend, I’ve got good news, you can use them around the house. Slugs tend to feed at night or on rainy days when they’re protected from the sun.

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